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China launches new Beidou navigation satellite

China sent a new Beidou navigation satellite into orbit on a Long March-3A rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Tuesday.

East China braces for super typhoon Maria
Coastal areas in eastern China have kept a close eye on the progress of super typhoon Maria and have activated emergency measures to cope with it - the eighth typhoon this year.
Liaoning policies encourage couples to have more kids
The government of Liaoning province is considering policies to relieve the financial burdens of couples who have had a second child. The policies are designed to encourage births and thereby help overcome China's major demographic challenges - aging and a dwindling workforce.

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?From Deng to Xi, China's quick march to greatness

China's success story of the last 40 years shows that a country should have the right set of policies and efficient implementation mechanisms to meet deadlines.

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