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Couple's succulent plant business yields benefits in China's Hebei

澳洲分分彩官方开奖 Zhang Qianqian and her husband Gao Yuhang resigned their jobs and started cultivating succulent plants in 2014.

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Demonstrators join 'Brexit Betrayal Rally'

Downing Street on Sunday denied newspaper suggestions that British Prime Minister Theresa May could postpone Tuesday's vote in parliament on Brexit deal.

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Shennongjia nature reserve in late autumn

Shennongjia Forest in western Hubei Province is home to marvelous natural scenery, rare plants and endangered animals.

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Christmas parade in New Mexico ghost town

As short as ten minutes, the half-mile long annual Christmas parade in the former ghost town of Madrid, New Mexico, the United States, gives enough joy and hope to its people.

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In pics: 65th Macao Grand Prix

Gabriele Tarquini of Italy celebrates after the race of FIA WTCR Race of Macao at the 65th Macao Grand Prix in Macao, south China, Nov. 18, 2018.

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AI-operated restaurant attracts consumers

A hot pot restaurant which integrates artificial intelligence, big data management and smart robot service has attracted lots of consumers.

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